Tuesday, May 26, 2015

UAZ 469 Technical 1/72 MAC Model build log Pt. 1

Soon after discovering the Skirmish Sangin ruleset for modern Afghanistan skirmish battles I knew that I needed to get myself some Technicals. Luckily I discovered this lovely little kit from MAC Model.
It's a shortrun, so you have to expect some amount of cleaning and adjusting, but honestly, the model went together pretty well, with the only issues arising when the bodywork was put together - thicker super glue is your friend here.

The critical part of construction

The whole model took me just two evening sessions to complete, so a nice little project.
As a bonus, the sprues contain two types of weaponry - the advertised KPV 14,5 mm machine gun and also a 106mm gun, so if you're building this for gaming purposes you get two options in one.

The model comes with a tiny photo-etch sheet - some minor details on the outside - here I would probably welcome the dashboard, since the plastic one is a bit rough.

The tiny car is ready for painting!

Painting started with a layer of AMMO Black Primer followed by a mix of  US Olive Drab Post WW2 (Ammo 081), Dunkelgelb aus '44 (011) and IDF Sinai Grey (066) - a very odd mixture, but the only Ammo paints I have at the moment and I was lazy to clean the airbrush for Vallejos. The idea is to have an ex-Soviet, banged up car and even now, pre-weathering I like it.

Base color applied, onto weathering!

To be continued...

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  1. I am glad you reviewed this model kit. I always wonder how good a kit is before I buy it.
    What crew did you decide to use for the jeep?