Wednesday, June 3, 2015

UAZ 469 Technical 1/72 MAC Model build log Pt. 2

What to do when you're not sure about your base paint?  Give it a day or two, reassess and probably repaint it!
I wasn't sure about the green from the start, but I kept on saying to myself that weathering will make it better.
And as I was done with all the weathering, the only thoughts I had were "why did I stick with this colour? It looks bad!" Yep, I pretty much hated it

It's a tiny car!

The important part here is that "day or two" - cause not everything is as bad or good as it initially seems.

After a good night's sleep, I took some more pictures, looked at them, looked again at the model and realized it looked pretty good -  the way I've planned - a battered, neglected technical.

So what did I do to the poor UAZ?

I started with a pin wash (agrax earthshade) followed by multiple dusty washes and pigments, Mig's faded olivegreen pigment and Vallejo Black Grey on a sponge for chipping.

The whole weathering part took me an hour or two - I skipped the colour fading with oil this time, mostly because I wanted it to be done fast. (another note here - it pays out not to hurry!).

So final thoughts?
Very nice little model, certainly not for an absolute beginner, but nothing crazy neither.
I will definitely build another one, this time with the grey/green camo shown on the box.

Next up is an AH-64A Apache from Italeri.

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